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Taylor Family Endowments

Keeping alive the memory of our loved ones is important. Even more so, is knowing that their wishes will be honored forever. 

The endowments established by Ken and LouAnn Taylor are a meaningful reminder for daughters Terrie and Jodee. With endowments supporting community health, women's leadership, and more, their parents' kindness continues to touch the hearts of those in need. 

By giving it forward, we can honor the past and ensure a vibrant tomorrow for lives in our region.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of individual volunteers representative of the five county geographic area served by the Community Foundation. 

Board of Directors Officers - effective July 1, 2016

Virg Mouch, Chairman, Antrim County
Roger Perry, Vice-Chairman, Benzie County
Blake Brooks, Secretary, Benzie County
Kerry Nelson, Treasurer, Grand Traverse County

Susan Cogswell, Past Chairman, Grand Traverse County

New Board Directors - effective July 1, 2016

Carol Marsh, Benzie County
Chuck Mueller, Leelanau County

Learn more about Carol and Chuck.

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Board Terms Effective July 1 - June 30

  • Antrim

    Amy Burk
    Mike Card
    Dale Claudepierre
    Matt Davis
    Rich Hannan
    Virg Mouch
    Phillip Palajac
    Amy Schindler
    Tom Wiltse

  • Benzie

    Blake Brooks
    Jon Hawley
    Carol Marsh
    Rex O'Connor
    Roger Perry

  • Grand Traverse

    Ed Arbut
    Susan Cogswell
    Kerry Nelson
    Pam Prairie
    Steve Rawlings
    Bill Smith
    Gregg Smith
    Jeff Wonacott

  • Kalkaska

    Penny Hill
    Ann Neuenschwander
    Janet Sieting
    Troy Stobert

  • Leelanau

    Chuck Mueller
    Sara Brubaker
    Gary Hoensheid
    Wes Jacobs
    Bill Stege
    Ryan Sterkenburg

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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