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Hallie Olson Wastell, Hallie's Hearts Endowment

Hallie lived with a fun-loving, courageous luminescence that brought good will to her life, family, friends, and the good of others. She died in 2016, after a four-year fight with ovarian cancer, during which she was a constant torch bearer for the fight against ovarian cancer.

Now, Hallie's Hearts Endowment will help to continue her effort in carrying that torch.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.

Financial Information

2016 Audited Financial Statements

2016 IRS Form 990

Investment Policy Statement

With questions about any of these doucments or to request additional information, including about investment policies and management; fees; and individuals responsible for investment and oversight; please feel contact Phil Ellis, Executive Director, or Paul Kester, Director of Finance.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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