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Holtrey Endowments

The legacy of Karolina Holtrey, and daughter, Carolyn, continues to support the community of Frankfort through three separate endowments created in their name in 2000.

Supporting the area's library, skilled nursing facility and educational needs, the Holtrey Endowments are core to the fabric of life in Benzie County and a testament to the foresight, kindness and care of its donors.

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Joan Hughes, Administrative Donor Support Services

Joan grew up and raised her family in Suttons Bay, and now lives in Traverse City. She joined the Foundation staff in 2001. Anyone who asks Joan whether she is still working (many of her friends have retired) will hear that she feels she has the best of both worlds: spending three days each week at a job she truly enjoys, with wonderful co-workers who create a pleasant and caring work environment, and then having four-day weekends to allow her plenty of time with family and friends. Favorite activities include walking, talking, and going out to eat with long-time friends and planting flowers in her huge back yard. Joan and her husband, Frank, have "Lots!" of children and grandchildren.

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What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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