Leave a Lasting Impression.  Here's How.
Cleo M. Purdy Endowment

A Central Lake native, Cleo Purdy's passion for children and young families lives on because of her generous heart and thoughtful planning. Supporting programming for preschool, playgroups, and family engagement, her gift will continue to impact generations of families.

Gifts great and small make a meaningful difference in the communities we treasure. By aligning our gifts with what means the most to us, we can create a lasting and personal impression.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.

Fall Grant Opportunities

Applications for our Fall Grant cycle are accepted mid-August through October 1. One common application is used for the following grant opportunities.

To learn more about these opportunities, including the purpose of the Endowment, focus of grant awards, and estimated annual grant award amounts (note that actual award amounts may vary), download our FALL GRANT OPPORTUNITIES SUMMARY or click on the name of the individual Endowments below. 

Access to Recreation Endowment

John N. Barnes Environmental Education Endowment

Boys and Girls Club Endowment

Campbell Endowment

Elk Rapids Area Community Endowment

Elk Rapids Area Education Endowment

Grand Traverse Families in Action for Youth Endowment

Healthy Youth and Healthy Seniors Endowment

Land Use and Conservation Planning Endowment

Northwest Michigan Osteopathic Endowment

Suttons Bay and Bingham Endowment

Richard V. and Kimiko O. Williams Endowment


What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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