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John N. Barnes Environmental Education Endowment

In his 24 years of life, John expressed his passion for the outdoors and beauty of Benzie County. 

The endowment in his memory was established in 1993, allowing his spirit to live on through grants supporting environmental education in Benzie County communities and preserving his passion for generations to come.

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CDA and TEACH Scholarship Information

What is a CDA?

The CDA (Child Development Associate) Program is a national credentialing program that was created in the 1970's to provide training in early Childhood Education for early childhood providers.

The Steps to receiving a CDA

  • Complete appropriate training hours (120 hours- CDA Course)
  • Create a resource portfolio according to the Council’s standards
  • Be observed by a qualified advisor
  • Accrue 480 hours working with young children at a licensed site
  • Submit an application to the National Council
  • Council representative visits to administer a written and oral exam and reviews candidate’s resource portfolio
  • Materials from Council “rep’s” visit are sent to Washington D.C. and a committee reviews the documentation and makes decision to grant the CDA credential to the candidate

The credential is valid for three years and then must be renewed every five years.


What is a TEACH Scholarship?

The TEACH Scholarship is for you if you work in a licensed center, group home or registered family home and have completed the requirements for CDA. This scholarship helps with the assessment fee charged by the Council for Professional Recognition.



What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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