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Camp Roy-El Scholarship Endowment

Roy and Ellen Brigman founded Camp Roy-El in 1952. Over 40 years they welcomed 795 campers with physical disabilities.

After the camp closed, the passion of the Brigmans and Camp-Roy El continued through the Camp Roy-El Scholarship Endowment, created in 1992. 

Looking back 25 years, 100 scholarships have been awarded to college students dedicated to helping those with disabilities. And, through the power of endowment, Roy and Ellen Brigman, and all of those who loved and were impacted by Camp Roy-El, are giving it forward, forever.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.


Courtney M. Tilley Memorial Scholarship

The Courtney M. Tilley Memorial Scholarship is for a Traverse City Central male or female varsity athlete going into a trade school/ program or apprenticeship. High GPA is not a requirement.

The Tilley family awarded the first scholarship only four months after Courtney's death from an accident. Trying to make something positive from a negative, the family gave serious thought to what aspects of Courtney's life contributed to making him the adult he became. Two things stood out: his life long love of sports/ athletics, and his career in the trades.

Courtney played baseball and varsity football at Traverse City Central under Roger Wood. He was first team All-Conference his senior year. At the age of 22 he built a 1700 square foot home on three acres of land outside Interlochen where he and his wife resided. He was planning on testing for his journeyman's license the summer of 2002 but passed away the previous February shortly before turning 24.


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What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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