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Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of individual volunteers who represent the five county region we support.

Board of Directors Officers

Jerry Ring, Chair, Grand Traverse County
Laura Asiala, Vice-Chair, Antrim County
Cash Cook, Secretary, Kalkaska County
Beth Dunckel, Treasurer, Grand Traverse County

Our Board of Directors

Board terms effective January 1 - December 31 unless otherwise noted.

  • Antrim

    Laura Asiala
    Jürgen Griswold (youth representative)
    Mark Irwin
    Barbara Matthews
    Dan Phillips
    Royce Ragland

  • Benzie

    Megan Royle Carrella
    Elise Crafts
    Laris Galejs
    Phyllis Kladder
    Chris MacInnes
    Carol Marsh
    Ann Strehle

  • Grand Traverse

    Suzanne Miller Allen
    John Bercini
    Annie DeVries
    Beth Dunckel
    Damian Lockhart
    Jerry Ring

  • Kalkaska

    Rachael Birgy
    Lauren Clark
    Cash Cook
    Andi Halpin
    Rick Heitmeyer
    Cari Jo Roberts

  • Leelanau

    Terry Beamsley
    Marshall Collins
    JoAnne Cook
    Kira Davis
    Edward Lanphier
    Ranve Martinson
    Larry Nelson

Learn more about our Board of Directors.

Board meeting minutes are available upon request. If interested, please email Brittany Morton-Smith