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More About Data Assessment Project

With the help of a local research partner, we completed an assessment of existing data to determine how we are currently doing in terms of quality of life in our communities (in the areas of economic stability, education, social and community context, health and healthcare, neighborhood and built environment, and community vitality), and to identify some of the greatest opportunities for impact.

With this study, we want to enhance how we affect our communities by increasing our capacity to:

  1. Inform our own point of view and decision-making for how we focus our resources (grant and other types of resources).
  2. Coordinate and catalyze action with other funders.

From the data, we learned that though there are bright spots throughout the region, and many examples of great work underway, our region as a whole is a study in inequity, yet:

  • There are profound differences within different areas in our region, in our counties, and in our communities. In general, this inequity aligns with our more affluent waterfront communities - typified by older, wealthier, highly educated residents – and communities with younger people and families struggling with the challenges of rural poverty.
  • In each of the areas that affect quality of life, there are significant gaps and opportunities in some or all of our five counties.

At the Community Foundation, we support all areas of the community, including Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, and Youth. While we will continue to remain committed to all areas of our community, we have identified three areas with great opportunity for impact, informed by both the data we collected and by identified donor priorities. 

These three areas include Education and Schools, Teen and Young Adult Programs, and Health and Mental Health. Learn more about how we're applying what we learned within these areas. 

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