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YAC Program Schedule

Our Youth Advisory Council programs aligns with the academic school year, beginning annually in September and concluding in June. Students interested in YAC should attend an Orientation Session in their county in September. Previous YAC members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the YAC program in following years (as long as they are still high school students!), though no previous experience is required to participate.

August/September: YAC Program Coordinator schedules YAC Orientation, Grant Assigment and County Grantmaking sessions

August – October 1: Youth Endowment grant applications accepted.

September: Participants attend a YAC Orientation Session at which students review the grantmaking process, including their understanding of philanthropy, conflicts of interest, and tools available to help in grant application evaluation, etc.

October: Students will meet again to review all Youth Endowment grant applications. They will participate in a grant simulation that will help prepare them for the Grantmaking Meeting in November. Students will be assigned a specific grant application and will be asked to familiarize themselves with the project and organization, and contact the applicant for more information, etc. At this meeting students will also learn about a previous grant recipient and how grant funds were used.

November: Participants attend the grantmaking session in their County. Grant applicants also attend to present a brief summary of their request and answer questions. Participants discuss all proposals and use grantmaking tools to review applications and ultimately make grant award recommendations.

December: Grant recommendations will be presented to the Board for approval at the Full Board Meeting in December. A Grant Award Reception will take place in the following weeks, where students will have the opportunity to present their grant awards to the recipients.

April- May: YAC students will be invited to participate in a community service project.

May – June: Participants who complete the YAC process receive a certificate and recognition letter at their home school’s awards night, honors convocation, etc.


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