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Legacy Society

Our Community Guardian Legacy Society honors community-minded individuals and couples who are dedicated to making a long-term investment in our region by ensuring their gifts are sustainable and by entrusting that future generations benefit from their legacy of giving.

Becoming a Community Guardian

Once you have decided to leave a legacy for your community, all you need to do is notify us of your intention to include the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate plan, will, or bequest.

To notify us, please complete and return a Community Guardian Legacy Society Designation Form or contact our Donor Services Manager, Pam Amundsen at pamundsen@gtrcf.org or (231) 935-4066 ext. 101.

Giving Stories from Our Community Guardians

100 Years from Now

After living in Chicago for 36 years, John and Rebecca Bercini were attracted to Northern Michigan because of the natural beauty and small-town feel.

When the Bercinis were revisiting their estate plan several years ago, they made plans to leave their assets to organizations that they believe will make a meaningful difference in the community.

“We are attracted to the model of community foundations–we understand the legal structure and have faith in the management and stewardship of the foundation.” The Bercinis also value the idea that the plans they are making today will have lasting impact in perpetuity.

“There are very few places you can do this–where you are going to give and know that 100 years from now, that gift will still be helping do good and will be used in ways that are reflective of community needs.”

Benefitting the Community Through IRA Giving

During their years working in education, Richard and Kimiko started a savings plan, putting away small amounts of their paychecks each month. They worked hard and lived frugally, and as they approached retirement, saved even more and took advantage of contributing to their IRA.

For the Williams, using their IRA for giving now offers them tax advantages and the opportunity to use those funds to benefit the community.

“We like to focus our impact on education about the environment; encouraging others to be involved in their natural environment; and preserving and encouraging the use and enjoyment of the natural resources we have.”

Through endowment giving and plans for an estate gift, Richard and Kimiko have also ensured that the giving they’re doing now will be sustained long into the future.

“We know gifts we make today will still be gifted for the benefit of the community after our lifetime. It’s good to know our gifts will last.”

Thank You to Our Community Guardians

  • Anonymous (8)
  • Ed and Mary Arbut
  • Tom and Barbara Auer
  • Leila and Owen Bahle *
  • Patrick J. Barry Jr. and Cheryl L. Barry
  • Teresa Beamsley
  • Phillip Begley *
  • John and Rebecca Bercini
  • Gordon V. Brown *
  • Elisabeth W. Case *
  • Steve and Hallie Christian
  • Chuck Cigrand and Sallie Thompson
  • Elaine Cluff *
  • Jean and Gordon Cornwell *
  • Robert A. and Arlene V. Dean
  • Shirley Denman *
  • Helen Wolfe Dewey *
  • Clifford Domke *
  • Phil Ellis
  • William C. Engle *
  • Becky Ewing and Bob Eichenlaub
  • Richard A. Grout
  • James C. Gurd *
  • Marie Drucka Guyton *
  • Chip and Laura Hansen 
  • Robert and Natalie Hansen *
  • Martha and John Hicks
  • Carolyn Hoagland *
  • Kenneth F. and Elizabeth A. James *
  • Bennie M. Kline *
  • Edith A. Krause *
  • Will and Joan Larson *
  • Rebecca MacKay *
  • Emer A. Mathias *
  • Nancy and Phil Meek
  • Thomas F. Menzel
  • Larry and Joan Miller *
  • Helen and Gov. William Milliken *
  • Richard and Virginia Mouch
  • Ruth Luse Myers *
  • Richard and Clarine Olson *
  • Dr. Daniel Palmer
  • Joey and Bill Parris
  • Gladys Pascoe *
  • Nannette and Morton Peterson *
  • Cleo M. Purdy *
  • Daniel Remahl
  • Connie Riopelle *
  • Gordon H. Robertson *
  • Marvin and Luella Rorick *
  • George T. and Barbara W. Schilling*
  • Bill and Mary Smith
  • Mark and Susan Smith
  • Thomas D. Streeter *
  • Kenneth Taylor, D.O. *
  • Cecil and Kris Thomas
  • Ann Torrey *
  • Kathy Tuckerman
  • Lars C. Wigert
  • Helena G. Wilkening *
  • Richard and Kimiko Williams
  • Joan and Willard Wolfe*
  • Dick and Kathy Woods
  • Cathie Ann-Frederick Worden
  • Lucille and Harlan Yeager *
  • Robert and Pauline Young
  • Kris A. Sheffer-Zimmerman and J. Eric Zimmerman, M.D.

* Indicates donor partners whose gift has been realized.