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Fall Responsive Grants

Application Notes and Tips:

  • When working on your application, you have the ability to save your work. If you need to leave the grant application for any reason (i.e. you are walking away from your computer, you take a break to check e-mail, you take phone call, you click a link that opens a new window, etc.), SAVE YOUR WORK first so that your progress is not lost.
  • You will be asked to provide a total grant request amount, as well as specifiy your request to one or more of our endowments. We encourage you to reivew our Digital Grants Guide in advance to determine from which endowments you will request funding.
  • You will be asked to describe how your project aligns with our vision statement, which is: "We envision healthy, resilient, thriving communities, supported by a culture of generosity."
  • You will be asked how your project might influence one or more of six data points that were identified as priorities in a recently completed community data assessment. How projects align with these data points will be considered as part of the review process where applicable. Learn more here about the Community Data Assessment and these prioirity data points: kindergarten readiness, third grade literacy, college attainment, disconnected youth (16-24), access to health and mental health care, or housing problems.

Note: Application links below will be provided by August 19.

A common grant application is used for most opportunities, though some require a unique application.

Common Grant Application

Genuine Leelanau Charitable Endowment

Joan Rajkovich McGarry Family Education Endowment

Traverse City Track Club Endowment

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