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Final Grant Report

If your organization received a grant from our spring or fall grant cycle, it is required that you complete a Final Grantee Report. These reports help us evaluate use of grant funds in our stewardship responsibility and to try to learn along with you how to improve services to the community. We hope you will identify what aspects of the grant support were successful along with what can be done better in the future. Please refer to your original proposal when completing this report.


  • Click the link below to begin/ complete your Final Grantee Report online.
  • You may also email any other relevant info (news articles, brochures, newsletters, etc) to Brittany at bmorton@gtrcf.org.
  • If your organization received a grant in the Fall of 2018, please complete your Final Grantee Report by September 15, 2019, at the completion of the program, or prior to submitting a 2019 grant request (whichever comes first).  

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