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Community Foundation Grants $2.4 Million this Year to Support Area Needs

The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation’s grants this year total more than $2.4 million, including $243,943 in grant awards approved this month by the Board of Directors as part of the 2018 fall grant cycle.

The grant awards benefit local organizations in each of the five counties for programs and projects focused on arts and culture, education, environment, health and human services, and youth. In determining grant awards numerous factors are considered, including community need and how each request aligns with the unique designated purposes of the variety of endowments the Community Foundation stewards.

In the area of health and human services, fall grants supported a wide range of efforts. Alison Metiva, Vice President of Strategic Engagement and Programs stated that there is always an effort to meet community needs through a strategic philanthropic approach.

“Several fall grant awards assist local organizations with their work to meet basic and immediate needs in our communities – things like food pantries and emergency senior services. We also look to support programs and projects that are impacting the long-term needs of our community and focusing on solutions to related issues, like transportation, community development, and health and well-being.”

Notably, more than $17,000 was awarded to support early childhood efforts in the region. Metiva mentioned that, “these investments have the potential to create substantial community impact. When families have access to quality early childhood care, it can lead to greater employment, housing, and family stability overall.”

Youth philanthropy is another key element of the fall grant cycle, as youth from our five counties award grants from the Community Foundation Youth Endowment, designated for youth programs and services. This year area students awarded $70,000 in funding to meet local needs.

“Our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) program engages local youth in the entire grantmaking process,” said Gina Thornbury, Program Officer, “and allows them to decide how these funds will have the most meaningful impact on their peer group.”

This year there were more than 65 grantees and 140 proposals that received funding. These responsive grant awards represent the many areas that are essential to a healthy, resilient, and thriving region.

“Donors that give to the Community Foundation and to our endowments make this impact possible,” said Metiva. “We serve as stewards of these assets and strive to make meaningful grants that help our partners respond to community needs.”


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