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Inaugural Concert for Community Awareness Planned

Northwestern Michigan College students are planning an inaugural “Concert for Community Awareness” to raise awareness on issues, including mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, and homelessness.

“Our students feel these issues impact everyone in our community and especially our youth,” said David Chown, Audio Technology Instructor at NMC. “By coupling awareness with a live music event, we will bring a healing and learning experience to our campus community.”

Chown added that, in addition to the musical line-up, organizers are inviting speakers that include area mental health professionals.

“Concert for Community Awareness” is scheduled for Saturday, April 6 at Milliken Auditorium at the Dennos Museum, from 3 – 10 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public and people are invited to come and go throughout the duration. The concert is being partially supported by Ross and Brenda Biederman, John and Peggy Corcoran, and the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation.

“At the Community Foundation, we envision healthy, resilient, and thriving communities – addressing the issues that this concert seeks to raise awareness about is critical to supporting thriving people in thriving communities,” said Alison Metiva, Community Foundation vice president of strategic engagement and programs.

Students that are part of the NMC audio tech class are also gaining a valuable learning experience, said Patrick Niemisto, an Audio Technology Instructor, who co-teaches the Internships class along with Chown.

“Our students are immersed in all aspects of creating a live event,” said Niemisto. “And, through the community service aspect of this project, the students feel empowered by creating a powerful event.”

The leadership role of the students also appeals to the Community Foundation, said Metiva. “Supporting young people in philanthropy and in opportunities to meaningfully engage and flex their leadership abilities in a community-minded way can be really powerful.”

Concert Schedule:

1. "NMC Music Students" 3-4

2. "Hail Your Highness" 4-5

3. "Deadlight Holiday" 5-6

4. "Little Graves" 6-7

5. "Joy Decision" 7-8

6. “The Lofteez" 8-9

7. "Seth Bernard & Gregory Stovetop" 9-10


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