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Health and Well-being

Accelerate is a commitment to building a culture of health and well-being for all, recognizing that bettering the lives of all people in our region, is essential to healthy, resilient, and thriving communities that endure, forever.

The Community Foundation engages in Accelerate by connecting partners, cultivating solutions and resources, and celebrating improvements that contribute to the movement for well-being. In partnership with diverse regional stakeholders, we are committed to improving health outcomes in our communities by making health a shared value at every level.

For decades, our region has raised and spent millions of dollars on efforts to help people in our region be healthier. Despite our best efforts, our county health rankings, routine hospital surveys and community data shows that positive health change is not occurring at the pace we'd hope to see. We seek to work together with other stakeholders to find solutions that work and move the mark on well-being in our five-county region.

But we can't do it alone. We're working within a network of strategic partners comprised of highly-respected organizations and businesses in a variety of industries, with the belief that having every voice at the table will provide a cohesive and collaborative environment to encourage a positive culture of health and well-being in Northwest Lower Michigan. 

Like us, our partners believe that healthy equity in our communities can positively impact the overall well-being our of region. Anchored in the vision of the Community Foundation, we are driven by the fundamental belief that bettering the lives of all people in our region is essential to healthy, resilient, and thriving communities that endure, forever.


We bring partners, leaders, and key stakeholders together to connect people, resources, and ideas. By fostering relationships, we support the networks necessary for success. We work as a convener to unify individuals and organizations for the well-being of our communities.


We offer a collaborative space for our partners to vet ideas and explore success. Many times this leads to the generation of new ideas, further strengthening our efforts with the development of promising solutions and identifiable goals. We aim to accelerate positive change in the overall health and well-being of our region through access to funding and resources.


We are dedicated to sharing data and reporting information so that we can effectively track our progress and determine appropriate courses of action. We promote the region as a healthy, thriving one and seek to inspire leaders and others in the community to join the charge and change the mindset by creating a culture of health in our communities. Simply put, we envision a lifestyle of well-being for all.

To learn more about our efforts and how to become involved, contact Alison Metiva, Vice President Strategic Engagement and Programs.



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