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Five Easy Tips for a Stronger Scholarship Application

1. Get Organized and Start Early!

Many scholarships require essays or letters of recommendation. Staring the process early ensures that you can put out your best work. Keep a list of what scholarships you want to apply for, and their deadlines. Set aside time each week to work on them.

2. Dig a Little Deeper!

Build an understanding of each opportunity. The better you connect with the story behind the scholarship, the stronger your application. If it’s a memorial scholarship, do some research to learn more about the person the scholarship was named after and personalize your responses.

3. Share What Makes You Unique!

Our scholarship selection committees read a LOT of applications. How can you get their attention? What makes you unique? Be personal and include details about yourself that may set you apart from others. Be truthful and honest.

4. Proofread Your Work!

Enlist a friend, parent or teacher to proofread your application. Don’t rely on spell check to catch every mistake.

5. Ask for Help!

Reach out to us anytime! We’re happy to help!

For more information on any of our scholarships, including criteria, application details and deadlines, contact Gina Thornbury or Brittany Morton at 231-935-4066 or scholarships@gtrcf.org.

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