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Hallie Olson Wastell, Hallie's Hearts Endowment

Hallie lived with a fun-loving, courageous luminescence that brought goodwill to her life, family, friends, and the good of others. She died in 2016, after a four-year fight with ovarian cancer, during which she was a constant torchbearer for the fight against ovarian cancer.

Now, Hallie's Hearts Endowment will help to continue her effort in carrying that torch.

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Tompkins Scholarship Endowment

The Tompkins Scholarship Endowment provides scholarship awards to benefit graduates from Traverse City Area Public Schools. Awards will be based primarily on academic achievement.


  • Available to graduates from all Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS)
  • Awards will be determined primarily on academic achievement
  • Financial need will not be a primary consideration


Watch to learn more about Jim and Ida Tompkins:


Fund Details
Theme: Education
Counties Served: Grand Traverse

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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