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Hallie Olson Wastell, Hallie's Hearts Endowment

Hallie lived with a fun-loving, courageous luminescence that brought goodwill to her life, family, friends, and the good of others. She died in 2016, after a four-year fight with ovarian cancer, during which she was a constant torchbearer for the fight against ovarian cancer.

Now, Hallie's Hearts Endowment will help to continue her effort in carrying that torch.

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Joan Rajkovich McGarry Family Education Endowment

The Joan Rajkovich McGarry Family Education Endowment supports the continutation and further development of programs and services to support Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, related to family consumer science.

Grantmaking Focus

Grant applications are accepted annually each Fall. Applications for programs and activities focused on nutrition and, in particular, school aged children and obesity issues, will be considered. Priority will be given to proposals that are creative, evidence-based, and linked with MSUE Resources.

Advisory Committee

A Fund Advisory Committee of local residents, familiar with the programs of MSUE and the needs of local families reviews the grant proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Community Foundation Board. Current Committee members include: Mary Bellows, Ginny Girard, Sen. George McManus, Hon. Tom Power, Etta Rajkovich, MaryPat Randall, Elizabeth Rollert and Rebecca Venticinque.

Joan Rajkovich McGarry

Joan Rajkovich McGarry served the Grand Traverse community - her home - throughout her lifetime, both professionally and as a volunteer. The focus of her service was always to make things better for families. She did that through teaching, advocacy and developing opportunities, both economic and educational.

Joan graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in Human Ecology, Education and Community Services. In 1975, she received her Master of Arts degree from MSU in Adult and Continuing Education. She worked for Michigan State University Extension serving Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties for nearly 25 years. Her work made a difference in people's lives. She knew it, she believed it and she lived it.

Certainly no one can replace Joan, but thanks to her many contributions and the vision of those that knew and loved her, home economic services will continue to be provided the the families of Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties.


Fund Details
Theme: Education, Health & Human Services, Youth
Counties Served: Grand Traverse, Leelanau

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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