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Greilick Endowment

The Greilick Endowment is designated to support Greilick property and youth programs at the property. Grants from the Community Foundation support for programs and improvements consistent with the mission and vision of Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center (GOREC).

When you donate, you are giving the opportunity for individuals to build positive values and ethics through outdoor recreation leading them to a passion for the outdoors. It has the ability to change lives. People deserve to experience the affirming fun, restoration and inspiration outdoor recreation brings. GOREC takes great pride in sharing the “UpNorth Spirit” with children, youth, and families. This guides them each day to strive to provide the best, safe outdoor recreation facility for youth, families, and our community.

For more information regarding GOREC visit their website here.

GOREC Mission: To create passion for our natural world through outdoor experiences.

GOREC Vision: GOREC will be a leading community resource promoting outdoor recreational and educational opportunities for young people and others of all abilities, ages, and needs.


Fund Details
Theme: Youth
Counties Served: Grand Traverse