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Grant Opportunities

Since 1992, we’ve awarded more than $69 million in grants and scholarships to support the people and places of our region. We seek opportunities to support grant partners by funding a variety of community-based projects. 

Our grants, unless otherwise stated, are open to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, organizations with a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, educational institutions, governmental entities, and Tribal organizations across Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau Counties as well as the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, a federally recognized Tribe.

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Open for Grant Applications:

Our Grantmaking Process

  • Our grantmaking process begins with our grant application. Grant application questions vary slightly based on each available grant opportunity.
  • Starting in 2024, we are participating in Demographics via Candid, which will include a series of optional demographic questions on each grant application in the Additional Organization Info section. If a prospective grant partner has already claimed and updated the demographic section of their Candid profile, then that information will transfer automatically to your Community Foundation grant application. Learn more about Demographics via Candid.
  • After submitting a grant application, prospective grant partners are notified about the status of their application following our grant review process.
  • Our grant review process includes committees composed of community representatives and/or Community Foundation staff and board directors. Committee members review and discuss each grant applications, using each grant fund's criteria to inform their decisions. All grants are approved by our Board of Directors prior to being awarded.
  • A final grant report is due within a year of being awarded a grant. This report is used to understand the outcome of your project and allows us to share the successes of your project with our supporters, community partners, and the general public.

How Grant Decisions Are Made

Grant decisions are made by a committee that may include: Community Foundation staff, Community Foundation board directors, community members, and/or donor partners. In evaluating grant applications, grant review committees give consideration to the following:

  • Grant application outcomes match the purpose of the grant/fund. 
  • The potential impact of the project on the community.
  • Opportunity for collaboration with other nonprofit or community partners.
  • Probability that the project can be implemented and sustained.
  • Incorporating equity and inclusion, such as reducing or eliminating barriers, in the community. 
  • Other funding sources that are being leveraged.

‚ÄčAdditional consideration is given to grant applications that advance one or more shared priorities on the Community Development Coalition Regional Scorecard.

Grants Calendar


March 1: DEI Fund grant applications due
May: DEI Fund grants awarded
May 28: Community Funds pre-application open
June 1: DEI Fund grant applications due


June 21: Community Funds pre-applications due
July 1: Community Funds full application opens
July 15: Youth Endowment grant applications open
July 19: Community Funds full applications due
Aug 15: Fall grants applications open; TC Track Club grant applications open; DEI Fund grants awarded
Sept. 1: DEI Fund & Youth Endowment grant applications due


Oct. 1: Fall grants and TC Track Club grant applications due
Nov: DEI Fund grants awarded
Nov. 1: TCAPS grant applications due


Dec: Fall grants, Youth Endowment, and TCAPS grants awarded
Dec. 1: DEI Fund grant applications due
Jan: DEI Fund grants awarded

Note: If a grant opens or has a deadline that falls on a weekend, the grant will be due the following Monday.

Year-Round Grant Opportunities

Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Fund Grants

Our DEI Fund supports diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the region, including primarily providing support for organizations led by Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ+, immigrant, neurodiverse, and/or disability community members. We also consider applications to fund DEI trainings and other partners and programs promoting equity and inclusion.

  • Grant awards available: $2,500 per organization per year
  • Applications open: Year-round
  • Applications due: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
  • When grants are awarded: January, May, August, November

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Traverse Area Public Schools (TCAPS) Grants

We offer two competitive grant opportunities specifically for Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) through our TCAPS Academic Excellence Endowment and the Titan Excellence Fund Endowment. Only one application needs to be completed for both available TCAPS opportunities.

  • Grant awards available: For 2024, $8,745 for the TCAPS Academic Excellence Endowment and $1,840 for the Titan Excellence Fund Endowment
  • Applications open: Year-round
  • Applications close: November 1
  • When grants are awarded: December

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Summer Grant Opportunities

Community Funds Grants

Community Funds grants can support needs and opportunities that our other funds cannot as they provide broad support for our region and can fund all types of organizations. We welcome applications from grant partners who are ready to accept significant and strategic investments to support their missions.

  • Grant awards available: For 2024, we have $300,000 available for grants.
  • Pre-applications open: May 28
  • Pre-applications due: June 21
  • Full application opens: July 1
  • Full applications due: July 19
  • When grants are awarded: Fall

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Youth Endowment Grants

Our Youth Endowment supports youth causes and organizations across our region, with grant decisions made by our county-based Youth Advisory Councils.

  • Grant awards available: For 2024, we have $105,000 or $21,000 per county. Applicants may request funding from one or more counties for up to $5,000 per county.
  • Applications open: July 15
  • Applications due: September 1
  • When grants are awarded: December

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Fall Grant Opportunities

Fall Grants

Our fall grants provide funding to support a range of programs and services, including those that focus on education, the environment, youth, seniors, health and human services, and more. This year, we will award fall grants through 19 different endowments that we steward. Check out our fall grants guide for more information about each endowment and available grant opportunity.

  • Grant awards available: Amount varies based on specific endowment from which applicants are eligible to receive funding.
  • Applications open: August 15
  • Applications due: October 1
  • When grants are awarded: December

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Traverse City Track Club Endowment Grants

The Traverse City Track Club Endowment supports projects and programs that align with the Track Club's mission: The Traverse City Track Club promotes and encourages health, fitness, fellowship, community service, family recreation and competition via running and walking. We welcome all ages and abilities. Grants from the TC Track Club are funded through both the TC Track Club Endowment as well as direct charitable gifts to the TC Track Club.

  • Grant awards available: Previous grant partners were awarded between $500-$50,000.
  • Applications open: August 15
  • Applications due: October 1
  • When grants are awarded: December

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Contact Us

For questions about our grant opportunities, please email us at grants@gtrcf.org, call us at (231) 935-4066, or reach out to one of our Community Impact team members:

Steve Wade, Vice President of Community Impact

(231) 935-4066 ext. 108 | swade@gtrcf.org

Brittany Morton-Smith, Operations and Grants Coordinator

(231) 935-4066 ext. 106 | bmortonsmith@gtrcf.org

Torey Caviston, Youth and Community Impact Coordinator

(231) 935-4066 ext. 111 | tcaviston@gtrcf.org

Gina Thornbury, Senior Community Impact Manager

(231) 935-4066 ext. 107 | gthornbury@gtrcf.org