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Cleo M. Purdy Endowment

A Central Lake native, Cleo Purdy's passion for children and young families lives on because of her generous heart and thoughtful planning. Supporting programming for preschool, playgroups, and family engagement, her gift will continue to impact generations of families.

Gifts great and small make a meaningful difference in the communities we treasure. By aligning our gifts with what means the most to us, we can create a lasting and personal impression.

What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.


The Community Foundation offers scholarship opportunities based on a variety of criteria, including planned major, high school participation, academic achievement, financial need, and more. We award approximately $160,000 each year in scholarships.

Our scholarships are offered within two general categories:

  • Regional Scholarships are available to students from one or more high schools throughout our five-county region. DISCOVER MORE.

  • Scholarship Pool for TCAPS Students provides scholarships to students graduating from one or more of the three TCAPS high schools. DISCOVER MORE.

Discover more about Community Foundation Scholarships:

For a complete resource on Community Foundation Scholarships, including timelines, individual scholarships, and criteria - Download our Scholarship Guide.

Community Scholarship Opportunities

  • In addition to Community Foundation scholarships, you may be eligible for scholarship opportunities available outside of the Community Foundation. DISCOVER MORE.




What impression will you make? Let's give it forward, together.
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